MealEnders Review & Giveaway


 So for the last few weeks I have been using MealEnders I was one of many selected to product test & review, in return I get to share with you the chance to win your own stash!


 First let me tell you a little about what these little bite sized lozenges are ( straight from the website) Then I will elaborate on my experience with it and we’ll talk about the giveaway!




  • 2 Layers
  • 20 Minutes
  • 0 Cravings

MealEnders utilize both physical and psychological cues to help you avoid overeating and master portion control.


MealEnders’ active-taste formula rewards and resets your taste buds, distracting you from the temptation to overindulge. First the delicious Reward Layer treats you to the sweet taste of dessert – a signal we typically associate with the end of a meal. Then the Inner Core’s Active-Taste Layer releases a proprietary blend of gentle, cool tingling sensations on the tongue, which engage the trigeminal nerve, distracting your mind from the urge to continue overeating. You can feel your MealEnder go to work instantly.



Trigeminal Nerve

The fifth cranial nerve; responsible for sensation in the face and certain motor functions such as biting and chewing. It sends sensory information from the face and body to the brain for processing. Chemicals from foods stimulate the trigeminal nerve endings in the mouth. Together with taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami), and smell, the trigeminal nerve contributes to the overall flavor of foods. Trigeminal nerve endings in the oral cavity and tongue are stimulated by pungent foods such as chili pepper or peppermint resulting in the sensation of hot, cool or tingle.


A feeling or condition of being full and/or satisfied after eating food.

Unlike other diets or diet aids that focus solely on your stomach, MealEnders cue the cessation of eating by targeting the mind’s attention and the body’s reaction to sensations. By engaging your trigeminal nerve, MealEnders keep your mind occupied for up to 20 minutes (the Overeating Zone), giving your natural satiety process time to kick in and catch up. When the MealEnder experience dissipates, your body’s natural signaling process of satiation will have begun. 


MealEnders fit easily into your existing routine, helping you learn healthy portion control. And they aren’t a drug, stimulant or supplement. MealEnders are a straightforward, common-sense way to assist you in reducing the amount of food you eat. MealEnders naturally transition you away from your desire to eat too much and help train the mind and body to eat healthy, right-sized portions.

 So that’s the jest of it…… 

 Here’s the real life experience.

First thoughts and because I am a skeptic/non believer when it comes to these appetite suppressents & meal replacements. Well I believe they work but it’s he aftermath that always concerns me ( been there done that) but with MealEnders you are not replacing anything or suppressing your regular balanced meal, you are PORTION CONTROLLING which is a MAJOR role in weight management. 

When I started this a few weeks ago, I was eager to try it, I figured it would work best when I balanced my meals properly. Breakfast, lunch & dinner on time everyday.

 The first week I did really well and did not have any seconds. Second week I had a few cravings and had a couple more lozenges than I had in week one. 

Third week I realized I could have more than one after each meal if I wanted but I would go through my supply much faster. 

One of the biggest things I noticed was that when I craved something sweet I popped a mocha or peppermint lozenge and immediately felt satisfied. 


I received 4 flavors, Mocha, Chocolate Mint, Citrus & Cinnamon. 24 lozenges in each pack, individually wrapped. My favorite flavor was mocha & chocolate mint. 

When you put it in your mouth it has chocolate like coating and a hard center. The coating is nice, taste just like candy, with a chocolate texture, the hard center should dissolve do not bite/chew it. You can feel a tingly sensation and great flavor and once it is gone you are good…. 

More than one can be consumed as I had to do that more than once when it was past my bedtime, or in-between meals.


 I can honestly say that if you are consistent like with anything this will help control those cravings and portions. 

As stated on MealEnders website combine it with a healthy diet & exercise and you are well on your way to weight loss.


I like MealEnders for the mere fact that they are NOT a meal replacement, they are not true appetite suppressents and best part they are only 15 calories, Gluten free, and contain only 2 grams of sugar. 

If you are like me and do not like to take pills/over the counter drugs but need a little help with portion control I suggest you try it and see if it works for you.


 You can find them online at 

 Now for the FUN part!!!!  Giveaway!!

What you are competing for is 4 pouches of 24 lozenges in each 4 flavors !


How to enter: 

1. You must follow me on Instagram.


2. Repost the below photo tagging me

3. Hashtag:


4. Then tag some friends to follow my page ! 

All these things must be done to qualify. You have until March 20th.

Winner will be randomly selected on March 21st  

Can’t wait to share this with you and hear about your success !!

Until next time ….. 



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