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2015 with a bang ! 

Is it just me or did this year fly by? What’s even scarier is when my kids told me how fast the year went, I was actually saddened! See as a kid you’re not supposed to think about how fast time flies that’s for us parents to worry about. So of course when that was said by my own kids it made me realize something. First of all that we cannot control how fast or slow time goes but we can control how we spend every minute, every hour within that time. I had set some pretty achievable goal for 2015 and those goals required a lot of my time. If you don’t remember what they were, I will remind you in just a bit. Now I know you are probably thinking that my next words are going to be something like, I regret the time I “wasted” on these silly goals or how my kids didn’t get enough of my time BUT let me tell you, you are wrong.


Although the time went by fast this year, I am BEYOND BLESSED with an amazingly supportive family. I am so honored to have such a great husband who supports me ( even if some days he doesn’t want to) The minute he gets out there he does what he does and I am pretty sure he is always proud of me and glad he is there to share the moment with me! My kids, wow just wow, and yes I am totally biased, they are amazing little beings, becoming beautifully formed into young adults who are compassionate, helpful, caring , faithful and so giving! They too may be dragging booty for an early morning race but at the end they always say good job mom! They feel proud of me, and it makes what I do WORTH every minute of it. My daughter commented on my Instagram on my birthday this year and it just had me in tears! THIS right here is confirmation of NO regrets! Time well spent!




If you follow me, know me , run with me, you will know that my little family comes first no matter what and If ANY ONE of them ever said mom/babe stay home today I would in a heartbeat and I HAVE. Luckily, I have also learned that if I wake up early enough I am never missing out on any time with them!


 However, with all that being said I have made a promise to slow it down for 2016. Not as many races and staying local as much as possible. 2015 was an AMAZING year for me, I accomplished SO much, more so than I ever thought possible. I set 4 main goals for 2015.


 1. PR my 5k

2. Run 3 half marathons

3. Meet my goal weight by my 35th birthday

4. Inspire people


I am proud to say that I not only met but I exceeded 3 of the 4 goals I set for myself this year! You bet your sweet tarts I am very proud of that!


PR’d my 5k in January 2015 at the Got Miles 5k, I have to be honest that wasn’t too difficult to do.


Run 3 half marathons… I kind of giggle at this because I ran 9 halves this year 9 !!!!!!!! HOLY cow I still can’t believe it! (Not all medals are shown) 

cal half series

Meet my goal weight – epic fail but that’s OK I am still a work in progress and again I have NO regrets because slow progress IS progress!


Inspire people…. This I thought was going to be most challenging but what I learned is, this only takes the effort you put into bettering yourself with NO other expectations from anyone else and the rest just happens! The reality of this goal is that I inspire my kids and THAT my friends is MORE THAN ENOUGH!



2015 has been a roller coaster of a year, work has been insane, my brain and body went from anxiety and worry, to faith & endurance!


Life is good, BUT my friends, GOD IS GREATER!


I cannot stress that enough, I have learned so much over that last year & a half and the most important thing is that his love for us goes above all else, he will fill your every need, he will remove anything that keeps you from seeking him and the unconditional love he has for you. He will place people in your lives to help guide you, inspire you, motivate you and LOVE you. Anything else without God present is meaningless in the end.


I love this verse because reminds me of the changes I have gone through.


Romans 12:2-3




As Christians we must not be like the people of this world but let God change the way we think. This way we will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to God. When we accept Jesus we are to change from the people we used to be and become the people God wants us to be. The things of the world that we used to like and be involved in no longer appeal to us. 
Peter puts it this way: “Always let others see you behaving properly, even though they may still accuse you of doing wrong. Then on the day of judgment, they will honor God by telling the good things they saw you do” 1 Peter 2:12



God gave me legs that move, endurance, discipline, and most importantly a group of amazing people that share the similar love and passion as I do.


 Yes I went all Christian on you but I promise you that I am far from perfect.



So what is in store for me in 2016. I haven’t really given it 100% of my time just yet. I know I mentioned possibly doing a full and I am still toying with the idea… and the only out of town race I am currently registered for is Tinkerbell 10k …… I have to pick & choose wisely but not before I pray about it first…..


Running is now a part of my life, I do it to relieve stress, to clear my mind, to settle frustrations, for peace & quiet. I run because I LOVE to eat. I run because I can. Running helped me lose 25 lbs years ago and running helps me maintain my weight. Running gives me a sense of accomplishment. Running gives me bling. Running taught me discipline, showed me hard work, helped me cut excuses.



I don’t do it to be part of a group or ranked a certain level, or even to be called a “runner” I do it for me…….. because I love the run!




In other news…. CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means I will be off work for 11 -1/2 days which means tons of running to be done! I have a few things planned with my kids, an afternoon of girl time with some friends and tons of down time planned! I can’t wait!!! I know it will go by fast but I plan on making the most of it!


I hope that you all have enjoyed my blog over the past year, I know I was not very consistent but my hopes is that you gained at least one small positive thing from it that you can take with you when pursuing your own goals. I pray for each and every one of you reading this that you are blessed today , tomorrow & always and that your holidays are filled with Love & Laughter ( and miles )


Merry Christmas and I will see you next year!


 Peace, Love & Running…..



2015 race list

January –  Got miles 5k
February- heart & soul virtual 5k & bay breeze 10k 

March- heavenly half marathon & California classics half marathon

April- Shinzen 5 miler

May- Ole 5 que  5 miler, Tinkerbell 10k & flex it pink virtual 10k

June- S2S summer series 5k races (2)  & mudderella

July- S2S summer series 5k (2), freedom run 4 miler & wharf to wharf 6 miler.

August- summer breeze half marathon, hell of a half marathon & sole sister virtual 7 miler

September- 135M to the house relay

October- judgement day half marathon & Lake Tahoe 5k & emerald bay half marathon

November- 2 cities half marathon & big sur half marathon

December- walnut creek half marathon 

26 races to finish my year !!!