My truth about meal replacements

This may come as a shock to some of you, some may even scoff at the thought or call me a liar, but truth is I don’t care what others think of me. As it should be for you too.

We all do things in life that someone else may have an opinion about whether it’s their business or not it shouldn’t effect your decisions to do what’s best for you !


With that being said 4 weeks ago I started Herbalife ! Oh yes I did & so far I’m loving it ! Wanting to finally drop this last 10 pounds (a goal I set 3 years ago ) turned into an educational experience! How so you ask ? Let me explain the long story ….

Now my sense of time may not be 100% accurate so just roll with it …. 

10 Months ago I started shakeology with one goal to lose weight in mind. It was one shake a day and in order to lose weight you needed to have 2 healthy meals, workout for 30 minutes a day & replace 1 meal with a shake. I did it for one month and I did see a 5 lb loss but I still didn’t feel all the things they told me I’d feel.  Plus I paid a pretty penny for a 30 day supply of ONLY shake mix. I just felt like it wasn’t for me.

So I went back to trying to eat better but then the holidays hit and yeah that was out the window. I ate EVERYTHING and really it was only because my weigh in at work for a competition was done & over with so I told myself I will indulge and start fresh come the new year!

Around the time I stopped shakeology  I had a friend who started Isagenix and she lost a lot of weight in her first month and I was like OMG I want that!! However it came with a heftier pricetag than Shakeology did plus I wasn’t ready or willing to do a 2 day per month liquid “cleanse” or whatever that is… Plus, I just knew there was no way we could afford it so I just continued to try my own thing. I was and AM so very happy for her & her results ! 

During that time I also had a virtual friend who I had been following since 2014, She is a runner, Disney lover and like me wasn’t feeling up to par with her weight so without going into too many details, with  some help of her friends / coaches she started Herbalife, I watched her shrink month to month and I was like OK what the heck is this Herbalife all about and what does it cost?


I also have to admit that I was NOT a fan or believer in giving up meals…that is the honest truth. My comment was… “ of course you are going to lose weight, you’re not eating” and although that may be true it is not 100% accurate.

What I failed to look into was the nutrients and vitamins that the shakes provided along with their added supplements. What the shakes provided is something that I wasn’t able to consume on my own, Mostly due to the fact that I am too lazy to look up what my body needs and try to find and fit that into every meal! With the shakes I no longer have to do that because they are already providing everything that my body needs!

See I thought that all these programs were just weight-loss programs, but  in all reality they are whole body wellness programs.

Yes they are meal replacements but I am replacing crappy unhealthy meals with something to nourish my body for life longevity!

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty how much does this program cost me well it’s a little more than shakeology  but half the price of isagenix.

What really pushed me to look into it was when my husband came to me and said he was interested in doing a program so of course I started to compare them and educate myself and create a budget for us. Herbalife has proven results and was in our budget, and affordable for the upkeep / maintenance going forward.

So here we are four weeks later,  28 days to be exact. I myself have lost 7 pounds,  1 inch off my chest 1.5 inches from my waist,  1 inch off my hips and half an inch off my arms.


 Hubby is down 10 pounds and you can totally see his stomach shrinking!

Aside from losing weight I feel so much healthier I don’t even know how to explain it it’s just something that you feel….  I feel lighter,  when I run I feel stronger,  I have more energy and I feel like I’m more focused.

The best part is that it hasn’t been hard since we are at work and busy! We usually skipped breakfast & Omar sometimes skipped lunch depending on his schedule. Therefore we both came home starving and would prepare a quick & unhealthy meal.

Now we have a breakfast shake , a high-protein snack, shake for lunch another high-protein snack and then we come home and prepare a healthy dinner for our whole family.

The amount of money we would spend on junk & fast food superseded the amount we paid for Herbalife.


Although others may have opinions on meal replacements I am totally OK with that because I am seeing slow and steady results. I do not feel deprived of anything I am still able to have the occasional slice of pizza or piece of cake or glass of wine. All in moderation still holds true.


I am finally 9 lbs away from a goal weight I set 3 years ago & I can see success this time!

As I’ve stated before in my blog I am an open book I don’t like to deceive people. Along with my running I am replacing meals with healthy vitamin packed shakes, I am fueling my body for health & life longevity!

One of the questions I always had was what happens when you hit your goal weight do you continue with the shakes? If you don’t won’t you gain the weight back ?

 The answer is simply this you can do whatever you want but I guarantee you that Herbalife will do 2 things for you.

  1. Give you results so good that you will never want to go back to old habits.

  1. Teach you moderation and portion control.

 See I am pretty good at maintaining weight once I get there my personal plan when I hit my goal weight is to continue with two shakes a day for a month and then progress to one shake a day. All while still taking my Herbalife supplements because remember this is not just a weight-loss plan this is a whole body wellness program.

I hope that you will continue to follow my journey regardless of how I get there. Who knows you might be like me and decide that you want more for yourself and you are willing to try something new!


 In other news I have my first half marathon of the year coming up on February 21st !!! Aaahhhhhh

Haven’t really been training my running hasn’t been very consistent but I can tell you that doesn’t mean I haven’t set goals for myself.

I have PR’d almost every race in 2015 I don’t plan on going backwards anytime soon. I talked to my friend who I usually run with and we are going to push the limits a little bit. My last PR was 2:18:59 he course with a really ugly two-mile incline. I felt good at that race the weather was awesome so that’s what led me to set this new goal.

Big hat half in Clovis,Ca is a flat course I am familiar with the roads and it is in my home town so I know what to expect.  We decided we are going to try to keep a 10 minute mile pace for the full 13.1 miles that would bring us in at 2:11 give or take.

 A big goal and a big PR for me. My friend who is a very strong runner is a little iffy too because her training hasn’t been as consistent either, but you know how it is adrenaline!!!  I’m depending on pure adrenaline LOL!!


Should be fun I’m totally looking forward to it my hubby is also running which always always always makes me happy and excited!!! As much as I love him being there for me when I cross the finish line I love to be there for him watching him cross that finish line as well!!

Another thing, I have been waiting and waiting for an email from the SLO marathon/half marathon weekend as I applied for an ambassador position for this April’s race !!!! If you know me you know that I hate waiting!!!


I highly doubt I will get picked but if I did I would be so ecstatic as this race has been on my wish list for a couple of years now, it is also around my wedding anniversary so that would be like two birds/one stone!! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!!! Keep y’all updated!!

I hope everybody’s year is starting off to be a great one and if not don’t worry you have 11 more months to get it right!!

 And you all the best peace, love and happy running!!



Sorry this was too funny not to use!!! 😂😂😂



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