Hello December

Hello December!  I hope you all had an amazing thanksgiving!!!

Only 23 days till Christmas!!! Oh My! I am not that person who shops in October, I like to procrastinate and rush around like a mad woman…. However this year we are keeping it simple with not much to buy, thankfully. My family knows the true reason for the season.

I am looking forward to spending some time with my family and taking a break from the job!

December also means last race of the year for me!!  Walnut Creek Half Marathon… This will be my first long distance run/race POST marathon EEK!  I hope my knee doesn’t decide to give me trouble! I am excited about this race because when I ran this a year ago I was 24 lbs heavier, struggling to lose weight , frustrated and well I had to work REALLY hard for my PR.

Last year I wanted to beat a downhill course I had ran just to prove I could do it on a flat course too. Man I was so ecstatic when I came in 1 second below that goal!! YES ONE second hey a PR is  a PR!  Within that year I have gotten my half marathon time down by 6 minutes. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but when you look at mile splits and well when you are running you know how big of a deal that really is!

This years race , I will be pushing myself a bit more…… I would like my current PR of 2:12:02 to be a 2:10 or better but I make NO promises, as there is a constant uphill starting at mile 5 through mile 7. Eek But as always I will do my best and give my all!

I am still training and let me tell you it is getting colder with every run! I hate treadmill running so I avoid it at all costs… I am still adamant about beginning my weight training at the first of the year with one small change. I was hoping to join a cross fit class but financially wasn’t in out 2017 budget.. So I kept my gym membership and vow to do weight training on a regular basis.  I also would like to look into some yoga. As I am getting faster and staying consistent I know I need to treat my body well if I want to keep going!

In other news, I am coming up on completing my first year since starting Herbalife. SOOO many changes have happened and all positive. Let me list a few for you.

Healthier gut ( no more tummy issues)

Energy levels are through the roof

Lost 24 lbs

Down 2 pant sizes

Improved Athletic Performance

Smoother more clear skin

My hair feels thicker and grows faster

Overall healthy feeling from the inside-out!

I do not push my choices on anyone EVER. If they ask what I am doing I simply say Herbalife has been a game changer for me. My results and achievements are proof that a healthy active lifestyle does a body and LIFE good!  I love being a health coach, I love guiding and directing people to make a positive change in their lives. I love the fact that Herbalife offers something for everyone! I just wish I could really reach those people in need. Every now and again I randomly realize how easily it is to be unhealthy, I see tired people, people who can’t sleep right, people with digestive issues, constantly sick people and I just KNOW that they do not have to live that way but it is easy to be unhealthy…. I mean really a $5 large pizza from little Caesars is cheap and easy. A drive through Mcdonalds is convenient, a quick stop at starbucks for energy makes sense, right? NO, no it doesn’t. It makes NO sense at all.  What kills me most is seeing children who are overweight.

It’s not about being skinny it’s about being HEALTHY!  Ok ok off my soap box!!

Let’s move on….

I  have applied for a few race & product  ambassadorships so keep your fingers crossed for me !! I love representing it helps me not feel so bad for my Instagram over posts! LOL Plus I love sharing the great finds with all of my peoples!

I can’t wait to share my race weekend with you all especially if I come home with another PR! That would be a pretty sweet way to end the year!!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!

Peace, Love & Running.


Last year at Walnut Creek ! 


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