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2015 with a bang ! 

Is it just me or did this year fly by? What’s even scarier is when my kids told me how fast the year went, I was actually saddened! See as a kid you’re not supposed to think about how fast time flies that’s for us parents to worry about. So of course when that was said by my own kids it made me realize something. First of all that we cannot control how fast or slow time goes but we can control how we spend every minute, every hour within that time. I had set some pretty achievable goal for 2015 and those goals required a lot of my time. If you don’t remember what they were, I will remind you in just a bit. Now I know you are probably thinking that my next words are going to be something like, I regret the time I “wasted” on these silly goals or how my kids didn’t get enough of my time BUT let me tell you, you are wrong.


Although the time went by fast this year, I am BEYOND BLESSED with an amazingly supportive family. I am so honored to have such a great husband who supports me ( even if some days he doesn’t want to) The minute he gets out there he does what he does and I am pretty sure he is always proud of me and glad he is there to share the moment with me! My kids, wow just wow, and yes I am totally biased, they are amazing little beings, becoming beautifully formed into young adults who are compassionate, helpful, caring , faithful and so giving! They too may be dragging booty for an early morning race but at the end they always say good job mom! They feel proud of me, and it makes what I do WORTH every minute of it. My daughter commented on my Instagram on my birthday this year and it just had me in tears! THIS right here is confirmation of NO regrets! Time well spent!




If you follow me, know me , run with me, you will know that my little family comes first no matter what and If ANY ONE of them ever said mom/babe stay home today I would in a heartbeat and I HAVE. Luckily, I have also learned that if I wake up early enough I am never missing out on any time with them!


 However, with all that being said I have made a promise to slow it down for 2016. Not as many races and staying local as much as possible. 2015 was an AMAZING year for me, I accomplished SO much, more so than I ever thought possible. I set 4 main goals for 2015.


 1. PR my 5k

2. Run 3 half marathons

3. Meet my goal weight by my 35th birthday

4. Inspire people


I am proud to say that I not only met but I exceeded 3 of the 4 goals I set for myself this year! You bet your sweet tarts I am very proud of that!


PR’d my 5k in January 2015 at the Got Miles 5k, I have to be honest that wasn’t too difficult to do.


Run 3 half marathons… I kind of giggle at this because I ran 9 halves this year 9 !!!!!!!! HOLY cow I still can’t believe it! (Not all medals are shown) 

cal half series

Meet my goal weight – epic fail but that’s OK I am still a work in progress and again I have NO regrets because slow progress IS progress!


Inspire people…. This I thought was going to be most challenging but what I learned is, this only takes the effort you put into bettering yourself with NO other expectations from anyone else and the rest just happens! The reality of this goal is that I inspire my kids and THAT my friends is MORE THAN ENOUGH!



2015 has been a roller coaster of a year, work has been insane, my brain and body went from anxiety and worry, to faith & endurance!


Life is good, BUT my friends, GOD IS GREATER!


I cannot stress that enough, I have learned so much over that last year & a half and the most important thing is that his love for us goes above all else, he will fill your every need, he will remove anything that keeps you from seeking him and the unconditional love he has for you. He will place people in your lives to help guide you, inspire you, motivate you and LOVE you. Anything else without God present is meaningless in the end.


I love this verse because reminds me of the changes I have gone through.


Romans 12:2-3




As Christians we must not be like the people of this world but let God change the way we think. This way we will know how to do everything that is good and pleasing to God. When we accept Jesus we are to change from the people we used to be and become the people God wants us to be. The things of the world that we used to like and be involved in no longer appeal to us. 
Peter puts it this way: “Always let others see you behaving properly, even though they may still accuse you of doing wrong. Then on the day of judgment, they will honor God by telling the good things they saw you do” 1 Peter 2:12



God gave me legs that move, endurance, discipline, and most importantly a group of amazing people that share the similar love and passion as I do.


 Yes I went all Christian on you but I promise you that I am far from perfect.



So what is in store for me in 2016. I haven’t really given it 100% of my time just yet. I know I mentioned possibly doing a full and I am still toying with the idea… and the only out of town race I am currently registered for is Tinkerbell 10k …… I have to pick & choose wisely but not before I pray about it first…..


Running is now a part of my life, I do it to relieve stress, to clear my mind, to settle frustrations, for peace & quiet. I run because I LOVE to eat. I run because I can. Running helped me lose 25 lbs years ago and running helps me maintain my weight. Running gives me a sense of accomplishment. Running gives me bling. Running taught me discipline, showed me hard work, helped me cut excuses.



I don’t do it to be part of a group or ranked a certain level, or even to be called a “runner” I do it for me…….. because I love the run!




In other news…. CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That means I will be off work for 11 -1/2 days which means tons of running to be done! I have a few things planned with my kids, an afternoon of girl time with some friends and tons of down time planned! I can’t wait!!! I know it will go by fast but I plan on making the most of it!


I hope that you all have enjoyed my blog over the past year, I know I was not very consistent but my hopes is that you gained at least one small positive thing from it that you can take with you when pursuing your own goals. I pray for each and every one of you reading this that you are blessed today , tomorrow & always and that your holidays are filled with Love & Laughter ( and miles )


Merry Christmas and I will see you next year!


 Peace, Love & Running…..



2015 race list

January –  Got miles 5k
February- heart & soul virtual 5k & bay breeze 10k 

March- heavenly half marathon & California classics half marathon

April- Shinzen 5 miler

May- Ole 5 que  5 miler, Tinkerbell 10k & flex it pink virtual 10k

June- S2S summer series 5k races (2)  & mudderella

July- S2S summer series 5k (2), freedom run 4 miler & wharf to wharf 6 miler.

August- summer breeze half marathon, hell of a half marathon & sole sister virtual 7 miler

September- 135M to the house relay

October- judgement day half marathon & Lake Tahoe 5k & emerald bay half marathon

November- 2 cities half marathon & big sur half marathon

December- walnut creek half marathon 

26 races to finish my year !!! 



Weekend Recap: Ole 5 Que, Tinkerbell 10k & Mothers Day

First off HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!  Now I am starting this post a little backwards today so just bear with me.

It is Mother’s Day and I thankfully have NO plans… I am sitting here in my chair, Starbucks in hand enjoying the background noise of golf on the TV. Days like this are few & far between and I probably said that already and you will more than likely hear it again & again. I am a busy mom, my quiet time is usually early mornings with God or out on a run. I figure when my kids are older and not around as much I will have plenty of time for “quiet”.  This morning after a 4 mile run my family & I attended church as we normally do and our pastor is starting a new series called Money, Sex & Power. He mentioned a few things about what details he will get into and already has me thinking about my own life.

 At one point I always felt the need to have the newest things, the nicest things, etc etc and that obviously derives from not having much in our earlier years as a couple. As the years went on the more money we made the want and need for more sort of went hand in hand. Now I am going to be truthfully honest here and tell you that it is I that had that desire for all the “things” my husband on the other hand, a saver, a simple man, old school in a sense buy what you need not what you want type of guy. So all in all it was a great balance. over the last couple of years I realized that things are just things and the difference between wants & needs. 

Lets just say I am a work in progress but I have come a long way.  I can proudly say I have given up much for a few reason… 1. So that we can SAVE 2. So that we can RACE 3. So that we can TRAVEL.

WE LOVE TO TRAVEL but if you know me I am a baller on a budget! I am that simple, basic, nothing fancy, save where I can kind of traveler. It is the only way we can do all the things we want to do. I also plan a year in advance and start saving early.

Needless to say I am looking forward to this series at church, the more I learn the more I can apply  in my life and most of all I want to set good, healthy financial examples for our children.

I have always agreed with the saying, collect moments not things. It just makes sense. right?

So as I stated I am going backwards on this post…. a quick recap on yesterdays 10K at the Disneyland’s Tinkerbell weekend. If you remember my very first half marathon was this very same race in January 2014. I ran that alone ( not really) but no one I knew personally and I seriously forgot how magical and fun this race is! I am not the biggest Disney fan, I mean I love the place but the cost & the crowds just make it  too hard on the pocketbook to enjoy it. This year my friend & I decided on running the 10k this distance is all in the parks you start off outside on the main street and work your way into the parks. When I ran the half  last year I just felt the second leg was boring and that could have totally been based on the fact that I was running it “alone”. So naturally during yesterdays race I was beating myself up for not signing up for the half marathon or the challenge! The challenge is running both the 10k & The Half to earn a 3rd finishers medal.

   So upon arriving to the Expo I finally got to meet a couple Instabuddies!! My friend Melissa and Wendy. See we became instagram friends over a year ago because we all ran Tink last year (same hastags) but living in different cities/states we’d never met in person. So that was pretty awesome!

This 10k felt easy, I was finally in the front of the corrals in B  ( last year I think I was in E) When you are put in the front it means you have a faster pace, and faster pace means less crowds. Our pace started out good, the surroundings were awesome , we stopped for photo ops and told ourselves we were going to just enjoy the run and not worry about pace. We ran into my instabuddy Melissa at Cinderellas castle and we all stuck together until the end.  It was pretty awesome. I was very happy with the pace even with all the stops we made for photos. As always coming up to the finish there they were my little family cheering me on. It brings me so much joy to see them and their smiles. ( hubby admitted they left the hotel room a little late and almost missed me) but they made it and I am so happy to have their support.


tink2015 103
Crossed the finish line 1:16:54 and earning my wings…. again! 😉 Already telling myself that next year I will run the challenge and earn all that pretty bling!

 A friend of mine also traveled down to run her very first RACE/Disneyrace she did great and was so happy to see her cross the finish line with a huge smile on her face! Way to go Michelle!!!

This was a short trip as we have another birthday trip for our kids in 4 weeks. So we headed home after a quick stop in LA for some yummy lunch.

Last recap before I leave this chair and make my way to the couch for some TV time. ( It’s mothers day I get the remote)

Tuesday night & Cinco de Mayo: We had a 5 mile local race and the reward? Tacos, Beer, Churros & of course bling. I usually do not run races during the week but we couldn’t pass this one up. Not only did we have fun BUT my sister ran her very first 5k race! She did an amazing job and I am so happy she did it! My brother in law & hubby also ran the 5k so they were waiting for me to come in from the 5 miler. Yeah I don’t know what I was thinking when I signed up for  5 miles… Not only was it 5 miles but it was hills… and I was just not prepared. I had some really great pacers though my fellow bears & friends Kerry & Debbie. I told myself I would not let them out of my sight so they kept me going and we crossed together! It was so much fun, we earned out tacos & churros and cute little bottle opener medals! Thankful to my friend Katrina for letting my kids hang with her at one of the water stations, they helped out and I got to see them at the halfway point.

        My next race you ask? I am hosting a virtual race next weekend may 17th for the Flex it Pink, Girls run the world charity. There are anywhere from 15-20 ladies coming out to run either a 5k or 10k to earn their bling! I am really looking forward to this one should be tons of fun!

The weather is starting to warm up so that means a few things, either early morning runs, late night runs or dreadmill runs…. My hubby is a nut and LOVES to run in the heat. If I have to I do it but if I can avoid it trust that i am….

Real quick update on weightloss….. or should I say weight gain…. I once again have fallen off practicing better eating habits. My weight has fluctuated once again between 150-152. My goal is 140 by August 7th I know I still have time and maybe that is the issue… I am trying NOT to do drastic loss and was hoping to practice & maintain healthy habits so it becomes normal. I am not giving up trust that I am just having a short setback. back at it again………

I hope you all enjoy your week! Whatever it may bring always remember that  nothing in this world is permanent and this too shall pass…. Just keep swimming.  To all the Mothers enjoy your day!

Peace, Love & happy running.



tink2015 033 tink2015 039tink2015 046 tink2015 055tink2015 066

  tink2015 059 tink2015 085tink2015 079tink2015 091


Only Half Crazy


It’s almost Race day… AGAIN!    

 Yep, you read that right, It’s almost race day yet again… I ran the Heavenly Half Marathon on March first and now I am attempting another one just two weeks later! California Classics Half Marathon here in my city! After this race I will actually qualify for “ Half Fanatics” the name speaks for itself…. 

check em out


This  run is with MASH runners, we are a group of runners who raise money for MMI – Medical Ministries International.

 MMI is a Christian Based, Non-Profit organization. The mission of MMI is can be summarized as follows “Medical Aid Supplying Hope” ( that’s how they got the group name MASH runners). 

 Straight from their website http://www.medministries.org 

 Their primary function is to recycle new and used medical equipment and supplies from the Central Valley of California and ship them overseas to mission clinics and hospitals in the poorest parts of the world. MMI picks up these donated supplies and equipment from hospitals and doctor’s offices in the greater Fresno area. They are taken to a warehouse in Clovis where they are sorted, categorized, and packed into boxes for shipping. They are then taken to the larger warehouse in Fowler where the large equipment that has been donated is kept. Here they are prepared for shipment overseas. Simultaneous to this work, our staff is coordinating the export documents necessary for international shipping, as well as working to meet customs requirements in any given country.



Second, MMI also takes teams overseas to remote locations to provide medical clinics in areas where access to medical care is limited. The mission of MMI has also expanded to include community development in isolated regions of Africa. This includes providing water wells for fresh water, microeconomic development to aid with sustainability of the villages, and help with reconstruction of clinics and hospitals. 


So you can see why I was interested in joining MASH runners this year!! 

They are doing GREAT things in this world and my generous friends & family helped me to be a part of it !!


I will update you all on the race next week! 

 You can check out MASH at www.mashrunners.org




 In other news… I am pretty sure I mentioned that I had started weight watchers so I wanted to let you know that I QUIT! hahaa Yep I am a quitter! But don’t be so quick to pass judgment just yet. 

 Easy quick explanation…. I did not like that I had to pay to log my food when you can do it for FREE on My Fitness Pal. I did drop about 4 pounds while doing it but honestly it had nothing to really do with Weight Watchers itself. It had more to do with the fact that I was watching my intake, making better choices etc. I thought to myself I had lost 30 lbs just using my fitness pal why am I paying for this? Both apps require self-discipline but one is free & one is not.

Now I know I didn’t give it a lot of time before I made my decision I am sure WW has it’s perks and I just didn’t take the time to find them out but in all honesty I just don’t think it was a good match for me in my journey.


 So I am back, logging my daily intake on My Fitness Pal. 

 I changed my settings to have a little more “freedom” I went from 1250 calories a day (which seems a bit insane now that I think about it) to 1420 calories per day. Its isn’t a huge jump but let me tell you those 170 extra calories make a HUGE difference and I am NOT hungry as long as I am eating my foods at the right times during the day.


I just started back up this week and I have to admit I jumped on the scale mid-week to take a peek and I had maintained! It’s huge because there is a weekend in there and usually weekends are my worst days when it comes to eating… I either don’t eat enough or I eat too much!


 The results will show in just a couple of weeks.

 The weather is starting to warm up and something about the Cali sunshine motivates me!


 Check them out http://www.myfitnesspal.com


 With that being said, I find it funny that I am already thinking about December! Let me tell you why….. 


A fellow runner told me about a series called California Half & Full Marathon Series. This is a series of races you complete in different cities throughout California in order to obtain one CA Series Finishers Medal! So come December when I run the Walnut Creek Half Marathon I will take home 2 medals that day!


 Not only am I doing the CA Series for an additional medal but I am also doing the Soul Series which is 3 half marathons each with it’s own medal and at the last race so as long as I finish,  my regular finishers medal and then a one HUGE medal waiting for me for completing the series!!!


It’s is all about the bling baby & yes I am only half crazy……!!!


 The list of races I am running to compete in this series are below. 

March 1st – Heavenly Half Marathon ( soul series)

 March 15th – California Classics ( this is an extra race for charity but is still a part of the series) 

 August 15th – Hell of a Half Marathon ( soul series) 

 October 4th – Judgment Day Half Marathon ( soul series) 

 December 12th – Walnut Creek Half Marathon 


5 races = 7 Medals!!


 2015 is a year of challenge for me… 

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think I would be doing this many races let alone 5 Half Marathons in a year. I have met people who have done tons and really it’s not a huge deal for them, whether they walk it or run it but for me after every single finish line I cross I am amazed at the person I am becoming, amazed at the abilities that I never knew I was blessed with. I am not by any means a fast runner, but I do ok for a “newbie”!!   

The link to the series is here for you to check out & maybe even consider 😉




Of course in-between all the halves I listed I have smaller races on the schedule and pretty excited that my husband is training to run his first half marathon this year!!! He has done a tough mudder with another organization we are affiliated with and I KNOW if he is tough enough for TM he can totally run this half marathon like a champ!! I cannot wait to be his cheerleader!!!    


Oh yeah my kids ran this last weekend too! The Thin Mint 5k! Mom & dad spectated this race and cheered for our youngins!

My poor son wasn’t feeling well but he did not want to miss the race, he was a tad bit disappointed that his younger sister beat him in…. But he had good reason.

They both finished and both got medals & I LOVED being out there and waiting for them to cross that finish line!!! Half fanatics in the making!


Anyhow, I think I bored you enough with my gibberish. 

 What are you doing this weekend? Got any races? 

 Are you doing the California half or full series?


 P.S. don’t forget I am still doing a MealEnders giveaway!!!

 Visit my Instagram to repost & tag to enter!!


 One week left!!! www.mealenders.com


 Have a FANTASTIC weekend friends!!!


❤️ ️chelly 

 Hebrews 12:1

” Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”      

Heavenly Half Marathon



 So this weekend was the big event… Heavenly Half Marathon up in the mountains !! 

    I will start off by saying I enjoyed the course, I took my time, I had no goals other than to finish & take it all in. It was a fast course and my time showed just how much downhill there was. 

It was a challenging course but I enjoyed every minute… ( ok maybe not the uphill, I may have cussed a little) I ran with a friend and that ALWAYS makes a world of difference….





So let’s rewind to before the race, I was planning on wearing a cute outfit that consisted of shorts and a long sleeved shirt with my Mizuno Sayonara 2’s however, the weather had other plans. There was snow, rain and weather called for cold conditions. So major wardrobe change. Black pants, Bears team shirt and my Mizuno Enigmas which ended up being a MUCH better choice so thank you mother nature ( and my fellow Bear Jennifer- total inside joke)

 My runners I wore are a bit heavier than my normal runners but are great for trails which is where I normally wear them, they gave better support for a race like this.


 Race day was as predicted VERY cold, the waiting to start a race is always the hardest but we had plenty of time to get all the selfies & group photos we could. 

Once we began we were ready to peel off clothing about ½ mile in. Thankfully we had a friend of a friend driving by the course to pick up anything we needed to discard, that was VERY helpful! 


Ok ok so the “ Heavenly” course, I have to say everyone I talked to about this race warned me about the downhill, the slanted roads but not once about the uphill we encountered and to be honest that was the hardest part for me… I have learned how to run hills but these were mean, angry hills, so mean that I had to walk half way up each of them. Once the hilly part was over then came the downhill, it wasn’t as bad as I expected. The roads were slanted so I weaved back & forth to either side of the road depending on which way we were turning. I know I said I was an uneducated runner but I never said I was a dumb runner either I had a few tricks up my sleeve .

I tried to stay on the flattest part as possible in order to save myself some injuries or major issues.


I had to stop once for a potty break and of course the porta potty I stopped at had 5 people waiting…. I told my friend to keep on going and I will catch up ( which I never did) having to stop for a potty break is very annoying to me it must have been the long wait in the cold at the start line that did me in….. 

Anyway, once I was on my way again I felt SOO much better, I ran into another teammate ( BNB Runners) and we trucked along until we got to mile 10…. I think she may have stopped as mile 10 aid station was actually hosted by our running group ( BNB Runners) so once again I was on my own…. 


As I got to mile 12 I was pleased with myself by how good I felt, I knew the end was near and I knew I would be able to see my families faces waiting for my big finish….. I saw one of the other bears around mile 12.5 and I was going to try to catch up to her but then I decided to keep the steady pace I had already going so I didn’t come in winded….

 I could hear all the cheering at the finish line and that always gets me pumped to finish strong.


 As I rounded the last corner the finish was in sight, I first saw my son waiting for me with his hand out for a high 5, then my hubby with his camera ready for a photo, my babygirl next to him yelling GO MOM!! That scenario right there ALWAYS makes for a great finish…

I crossed smiling at an expected fast finish of 2:19:14 which is 13 minutes faster than my personal best ( I already said before I will not consider this race a PR due to the downhill conditions) but this time will be recorded for next year when I run Heavenly again.


 Overall the course was great, beautiful scenery that changed at each mile… I saw snow, horses, dogs, people outside of their homes cheering us on. The weather was perfect, and I just really enjoyed myself. I am glad I did it& I earned a beautiful medal to add to my collection.  

 First race of the Soul Series ✔️


Today I am paying for it ….. although my knees held up perfectly thanks to KT tape ( if you don’t know about KT tape , you should! ) my IT band, quads & calves hate me! Foam roller will be my best friend all week long….

 and guess what? I get to do this all over again in two weeks at the California Classics Half Marathon 

What was I thinking?!?!?!??!   

 I went from running my first 2 half marathons in 2014 to signing up for 5-6 in 2015! After yesterday’s race I realized that I have become a distance runner & I can run 13.1 miles without worrying anymore. My running skills were put to the test and my short 2 years of running has paid off!   So keep going and do not give up consistency is key!

Here’s a few more photos from the race. 

Coming to the finish line smiling 🙂 

 On another note, in the next couple off weeks I am going to be posting my review of MealEnders which I have been using for about 3 weeks now. When I write me review you will be able to enter to win a 4 packs of 24 lozenges to get you started ( the four packs will last you approximately 7-8 weeks depending on how often you use them. (some people have more cravings than others). So stay tuned for my review and you chance to win!    

Did you race this weekend? 

 How do you feel about hills? 

 Ever ran downhill? 

 Am I the only one annoyed having to stop for potty breaks during a race?


Have a great week everyone!